A Partnered Approach to AML Compliance

A Partnered Approach to AML Compliance

SIRS provides customized AML compliance programs for non-bank financial institutions. In addition to written policies and procedures, SIRS' comprehensive compliance services include AML training and independent testing. In providing these services, SIRS will work as your partner to help your company become fully compliant with AML regulations applicable to your business activities.

Our Services

31 CFR Chapter X requires each financial institution to develop and implement a written anti-money laundering compliance program. At a minimum, each institution's AML compliance program must: Incorporate policies, procedures, and internal controls that include provisions for complying with the applicable requirements of the BSA; Designate an AML Compliance Officer; Provide for on-going training of employees; and Provide for independent testing of the firm's AML program. To address these regulatory requirements, SIRS offers comprehensive AML compliance services for many non-bank financial institutions (including securities broker/dealers, mortgage brokers & lenders, precious metals and jewelry dealers, MSBs, and others).

Compliance Programs

SIRS has developed AML compliance programs for many of the non-bank financial institutions regulated by the BSA. Each of SIRS’ industry-specific AML compliance programs includes the written policies, procedures, and internal controls required by BSA regulations.


SIRS Online Training™ courses address BSA/AML regulatory requirements for various business types (ex: MSB, broker/dealer, mortgage lender/broker, precious metals dealer, etc.). After completing each course, a training certificate is awarded. Priced at just $12, these courses offer a cost-effective AML training solution.

Independent Testing

Based on guidance provided by FinCEN, FFIEC, FATF and other regulatory authorities, SIRS' Independent AML Testing provides a comprehensive review of a firm's AML compliance program.

Electronic Delivery of AML Program Files

Using cloud server technology, a financial institution will upload its files to a secure, online file server. SIRS will then review these files to test the institution's AML program.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Since 2007, Securities Industry Records Services, LLC ("SIRS") has been a premier provider of low-cost, regulatory compliance services for financial institutions. Specializing in AML compliance services, SIRS has developed training, independent testing, and compliance programs for various non-bank financial institutions. Read more...

Our Team

Since 1993, SIRS' Founder and CEO, Kevin A. Klundt has been actively involved in the financial services industry. During this time, he has been registered with the New York Stock Exchange as an NYSE Compliance Official. He has also held the positions of Chief Compliance Officer and AML Compliance Officer with a FINRA-registered broker/dealer.

Mr. Klundt is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist® ("CAMS") and is a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists ("ACAMS"). He has a Master of Arts degree from Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA) and a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University (Provo, UT). He has passed multiple certification examinations and has participated in numerous industry-sponsored regulatory compliance and AML training programs.
Kevin & Rebecca Klundt
Kevin & Rebecca Klundt